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Mike's story "In July at my annual physical, I clocked in at 204lbs. I have never been 'skinny' but this put me in the obese category and I wanted to do something about it, loose 30lbs was my goal. As of this morning I hit it. This is all due to a life change in the way I eat, properly, portions, not starving myself and still allowing myself some of my favorite foods in moderation. Plus a proper workout routine including Full Body Circuit Training at Perform Fit Toronto 3 times a week."

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Complementary nutritional assessment

90-Day Unlimited Passes & 6-Month Memberships get a Free "Individual Dietary Review" with a Registered Dietitian: Review of daily diet, fuelling your workout, weight loss goal. Go to Nutrition for details.

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Bring a friend/family member who signs up for a 6-month membership: You get a Free 7th month off your 6-month membership OR $50 off your next Unlimited 90-Day Pass, $20 off your next Unlimited 30-Day Pass or 10 Classes Pass. ASK FOR DETAILS.

# Benefits of Perform HIT! High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT)

  • Circuit training, often called or associated with Interval Training, Cross Training, Sports Conditioning, CrossFit (Extreme), MMA Fitness (Mixed martial arts conditioning), Functional Training (Natural full body moves), Bootcamps (Military style)) is a global, efficient and effective form of fitness conditioning for elite athletes as well as the general public. It works great for developing muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic), agility, flexibility and coordination simultaneously, and is a strong component of weight loss programs. It caters for a wide variety of fitness levels and for busy city dwellers, proved to be a great time saver: For individuals short on time, 2-4 hours sessions per week is an effective way to develop all-round fitness, burn fat, lose weight, tone up and improve athletic performance.

  • Most importantly, it can be a refreshing and fun change from monotonous types of cardio exercises such as running on treadmills for hours or finding yourself in an intimidating gym not knowing which machine to go for first! Full article on fitness circuit training and tips on healthy lifestyle changes...

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    Clara Hugues Training

    "...I have always gone beyond what anybody ever thought I could do, what I thought I myself could do." Clara Hughes

    Muhammad Ali Training

    "I hated every minutes of training, but I said, don't quit, suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion." Muhammad Ali